I am the CEO and founder of Agitate Films.
I am a Writer/Director and have worked in the film, video and the TV industries since 2003. I have trained in music and film. I've had to put the music on hold but plan on getting back to it one day. I still listen to music everyday and can't live without it.

I am also the creative director of black chilli productions, agitates sister company. Since 2003 I have completed 20 projects for both agitate films and black chilli productions. This includes documentaries, short films, music videos, clips and virals and an experimental spoken word film, which won first prize in a 48-hour film competition.

I love photography and carry my camera around with me everywhere. Anything can happen at anytime. Having the camera at all times allows me to capture the good, bad and the ugly.

Currently i'm working on 5 short films, 3 virals/clips, 4 documentaries and am writing 3 feature film scripts. I'm also in rehearsals on a play that i scripted and am directing about four friends living in an elderly home. They are fighting for their dignity as they have either been or are being abused. The play will be premiered in February 2010 and go on a national tour in march 2010.